Violence Continues In Paris For The 18th Weekend – Protesters Clash With Police


The Yellow Vests protests continued foe the 18th consecutive weekend after Presidnt Macron “great debate” failed to pacify the the protesters.

Protesters wearing black balaclavas flooded the streets of downtown Paris carrying French flags causing chaos. There has been reports of violence with protesters breaking shop windows and looting prompting the police to respond with crowd control measures.

The Yellow Vests Protests has been nothing but a headache for President Macron and has brought millions of euros revenue loss for businesses in France. The “great debate” was a way for President Macron to reach out to the protesters in order to pacify them but unfortunately these talks have failed.

The Yellow Vests Protests has seen Macrons approval ratings drop as low as 23 percent in December 2018. There has been an increase since the debate began but with these protests not having an end in sight things might take a downturn.

More Updates to follow.





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