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By Deborah Thomas

Theresa May became the Prime Minister of United Kingdom by accident due to the resignation of David Cameron because of the Referendum result. The 2016 referendum election voter turn was the largest the country has seen for over two decades and unfortunately for David Cameron, a remainer lost the battle. He bit the humble pie, accepted the result of this ‘promised one off’ vote and resigned the next day.

David Cameron making his resignation speech

Then came Theresa May, another remainer but with a lot of enthusiasm, set out her leadership bid with a promise to deliver Brexit as the people have spoken. Her famous statement “Brexit Means Brexit” became her chant that she ended up saying over 108 times to date, vowing we will Brexit.

“We will Brexit, says Theresa May”

Theresa May making her first speech promising “Brexit Means Brexit”

For over two years she travelled up and down EU not achieving much but running down the clock to where we are now as Jeremy Corbyn says. Her failure to achieve any meaningful movement lost her three Brexit secretaries that disagreed with her EU negotiations. Her botched negotiations continued and suddenly gained momentum just a few months to the end of our scheduled date to leave the EU according to article 50 terms.

She has shown a lack of leadership over this Brexit crisis and has lost control of the British Parliament. Our MPs are acting like we are in the Wild Wild West debating one point after another and yet not reaching any resolution for the country. The country is completely divided and majority of MPs in the Parliament, mostly the ones that voted to remain, have done nothing but cause intense chaos and confusion on Brexit. They have become quite a spectacle and quite a disgrace to the world watching. There is no control and no consensus and yet they are meant to be working for the ever so calm British public.

It is now very clear that these MPs have no intention of respecting the democratic process and history will definitely judge them and one can only imagine the results of the next elections where they will reap the results of their betrayal.

As for the PM, Mrs May, we are yet to see the final end of this whole saga as it changes on a daily basis as she keeps returning to parliament with her meaningful vote that is wrong in so many different levels to the Brexiteers and the Remainers.

The country is now in a state of acute division over Brexit, Mrs May has been humiliated and had to ask the EU for an extension. The EU have now graciously accepted a 3 month extension but with a condition that her third meaningful vote is accepted by the Parliament. Unfortunately, she has made many of the MPs very upset by blaming them solely for this Brexit crisis, and sadly she needs them to back her third meaningful vote. She faces an uphill task as this is the same viciously hated deal by majority of the Parliament.

Donald Tusk said the offer of an extension may be conditional on MPs agreeing Mrs May’s deal

As she forges along with the same deal, there can only be 3 results to this Brexit Crisis:

1. Theresa May’s meaningful gets rejected for the third time and EU rejects the conditional 3 month extension thereby defaulting to a no-deal Brexit.

2. She revokes article 50, cancelling Brexit which satisfy the remainers and nearly 70% of the the Parliament. This will destroy our framework of our democracy and Politicians will never be trusted again. One can only imagine this happening in Banana Republic not in a respectable country like ours. If she goes this route she will be remembered as the villain that took down Brexit whilst David Cameron will still remain as sort type of hero that delivered on his promise of giving the people the ‘One Off’ Referendum as promised.

3.  Theresa May keeps her promise of “ Brexit Means Brexit”, respecting and upholding the wishes of the people by leaving with a no-deal Brexit on the 29th of March as originally agreed, which in real terms is not a no deal as we would be leaving under the WTO terms of trade. This will make her the hero of the day and will be respected.

We are yet to see where this will end.

Watch Theresa May’s “Brexit Means Brexit” timeline

Theresa Launching her leadership bid with a promise to deliver Brexit.


Theresa May making her leadership bid


Theresa May’s Inaugural speech when she became Prime Minister


Brexit Means Brexit says Donald Trumo


So niw is the joke on the British People? Does Brexit Mean Breakfast?

Watch the Compilation below:




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