Weeknight Mindful Eating

Weeknight Mindful Eating


Eating well is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Folks, maintaining a healthy diet is a lot harder than we thought! Incase you are not in a mood for outside food today, we have got you a few yummy and healthy recipes to keep you fit with well-balanced meal ideas. Healthy ingredients not only provide proteins, healthy carbs, protein and fiber, they also do the wonderful job of keeping you full to boot. We have got your recipes which have incorporated asparagus and beetroot beautifully well in their recipes. Expert Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee, from Neel-Tote On The Turf gives us two wonderful recipes to try this season.


Weeknight Mindful Eating, ASPARAGUS GALOUTI

Preparation Time – 25-30 minutes
Cooking time – 8 –10 minutes
Serves – 4 People


  1. Fresh Asparagus (cut in small pieces) 250g
  2. Brown Cashew Nut Paste 4g
  3. Brown Coconut paste 3g
  4. Ginger Paste 2g
  5. Garlic Paste 3g
  6. Black Pepper Powder 2g
  7. Galouti Masala 2g
  8. Roasted Chana Powder 2g
  9. Fennel Powder 1g
  10. Green Cardamom Powder 2g
  11. Mace Powder 1g
  12. Kewra Water or Screwpine Essence 2 drops
  13. Rose Waters 3 drops
  14. Brown Onion Paste 2g
  15. Saffron 3 drops
  16. Pure Ghee 10ml

Method of Preparation

  1. Asparagus cut in small spices 1 by 8
  2. Blanch the asparagus in hot water until soft. Remove and place the same in ice cubes to chill.
  3. Then mince into a fine paste, mix with ginger, garlic paste, brown onion paste, brown cashew nut paste, brown coconut paste, black pepper powder, galouti masala, roasted chickpea powder, fennel powder (aniseed), green cardamom powder, mace powder, kewra water drop or screw-pine essence, rose water drop, pure clarified butter, saffron drop & add salt to taste.
  4. Make into round patties. Put a little ghee on the tawa & sear.
  5. Plate up. It’s ready to devour.

Veggie Beetroot Pulao*

Weeknight Mindful Eating, Veggie Beetroot Pulao

Preparation Time – 20 minute
Cooking time – approximately 30 hour-40 minutes
Serves – 4 People


  1. Basmati Rice 150g
  2. Beetroot 30g
  3. Carrot 20g
  4. French Beans 10g
  5. Button Mushrooms 15g
  6. Green Peas 8g
  7. Sliced Onion 30g
  8. Cumin 1g
  9. Ginger garlic paste 10g
  10. Curd 15g
  11. Vegetable stock 1 lrt
  12. Green Chilly 1/2 2g
  13. Ginger Juliennes 2g
  14. Mint Leaves 2g
  15. Salt To taste
  16. Biryani Masala 3g
  17. Fennel Powder 2g
  18. Dry Ginger Powder 1g
  19. White Pepper Powder 2g
  20. Cream 5 ml
  21. Saffron Drop 5 Drops


  1. In a pan, temper the cumin with clarified butter, sauté onion till golden brown, add ginger garlic paste and carrot cubes, beetroot cubes, mushroom 1 by 4, french beans, green peas, curd and cook till the vegetables become soft.
  2. Add yellow chilly powder, green cardamom, mace powder, fennel powder, dry ginger powder, white pepper powder, biryani masala powder and vegetable stock. Green chilly sliced, ginger juliennes and fresh mint leaves.
  3. Cook Basmati Rice till ¾ cooked, then add all the above ingredients and keep it for dum, in a thick bottom copper vessel and slow cook for 20 mins. It should be kept cooking until you see steam from the dum.
  4. Serve along with garlic flavored raita.

*Also known as Subz Chukander Pulao



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