Young Thug hits back at French Montana’s claims

Young Thug via Pile Rats
Young Thug

US rapper, Young Thug, went to social media to address the bold claims by French Montana, on if he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar.

Initially French was only directing the statement towards songs that are “club bangers”. Thug, among other critics, found the claims to be outrageous but decided to publicly out him on Instagram Live. Although, the banter started about hit songs, it even got as far as how much money they have.

“Don’t get any offense bro… you don’t got no where near more hits than a [explicit] Kendrick Lamar” – Young Thug

French Montana sizes up Kendrick Lamar

US rap artist French Montana came out with a claim stating he has more top charters than rapper Kendrick Lamar. To be more specific he went to Twitter to explain he meant a battle of the hits.

French is feeling hyped up because he just released a new single, That’s a Fact . In the past rappers have been seen to start internet “beef” prior to them releasing singles to create more hype around. The most well-known recent one was Pusha T releasing a Drake (link) diss track prior to releasing his album, Daytona.

Whether it was out of order for Young Thug to get involved or not, Kendrick has not openly replied to French.

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