More than 1,000 migrants rescued in 48 hours from Mediterranean


More than 1,000 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean Sea during several operations since Wednesday, and many more are expected to attempt the perilous journey as winter ends.

Rescuers found 332 people on Thursday in three separate rubber boats travelling north of the Libyan coast, according to Proactiva Open Arms, the non-profit organisation that operates the Golfo Azzurro rescue vessel.

The first boat was located 25 miles offshore. It carried 99 people, including two pregnant women and some passengers with burn injuries, Proactiva spokeswoman Laura Lanuza said.

The non-profit group found two more boats in the afternoon and rescued all 233 people onboard.
The Golfo Azzurro was escorting them to a port in Sicily.

In a separate operation, Italy’s coast guard said that some of the 730 migrants rescued during seven different operations on Wednesday were brought ashore on Thursday.

Migrants attempting to reach Europe from the Middle East and Africa are typically fleeing violence or seeking better economic opportunities.

The International Organisation for Migration recorded the arrival to Europe by sea of 13,170 people since the beginning of the year.

At least 272 have been reported dead or missing from the dangerous crossing, according to the IOM.

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