Donald Trump in heated set-to with CNN reporter, accuses network of ‘fake news’

Presidential Donald Trump

When asked how the recent claims about Moscow would colour his relationship with Vladimir Putin he said the “fake news” about the claims in a hotel room in Moscow were “crap”. He said it should never have been released, and it was a disgrace that it had been.

Earlier, vice-Presidential elect Mike Pence criticised what he called a “concerted effort in the mainstream media to de-legitimize our administration”. He further criticised the actions of those media who published the unverified claims.

Before this afternoon’s press conference, Donald Trump angrily denied claims that Russia has material that could be used to blackmail him.

He was shown an unverified report which claims Moscow had filmed him in a hotel room in the city. The US president-elect tweeted that the claims are “nonsense” and said he had “nothing to do with Russia”.

Moscow has also denied the claims.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of State says he believes Vladimir Putin and Russia interfered in the US election.

Rex Tillerson is before the US Senate for his confirmation hearing where he described Russia’s action during the election as “troubling”.

He was asked by Republican Marco Rubio if he believed Russia had hacked emails to denigrate Hillary Clinton and answered: “The report is troubling. It indicates the actions you describe were undertaken.”

Rex Tillerson says it is a “fair assumption” that Russian President Vladimir Putin knew about Moscow’s meddling in America’s 2016 presidential election.

Mr Tillerson said in response to a question from Sen Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, he would not describe Mr Putin as a “war criminal”.

Mr Rubio says Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and bombing in Aleppo should not make it hard to say that Mr Putin is responsible for war crimes.

Mr Rubio has said he has “serious concerns” about Mr Tillerson as America’s top diplomat.

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