Terry Pratchett’s life to be made into film

Terry Pratchett

The story of best-selling author Terry Pratchett’s life is being brought to the small screen.

The Discworld author was working on his own life story but his struggle with Alzheimer’s meant he was unable to finish it before his death in 2015 aged 66.

Now Terry Pratchett: Back In Black will tell the writer’s story in his own words, with comedian and actor Paul Kaye providing his voice.

“But knighted by the Queen, adored by millions of fans and with a legacy of 41 much-loved novels – Terry Pratchett is still having the last laugh.”

Pratchett completed his last book – set like so many of his best-sellers in Discworld – a year before his death.

Towards the end of his life, he used his fame and wealth to campaign for greater awareness of dementia and assisted dying.

Mark Bell, head of commissioning for BBC Arts, said: “Terry wanted to effectively write the story of his life as a writer but he never got around to it because his bad health intervened.

“This was an attempt to say, here’s a way of bringing his life as a writer to life. We got Paul Kaye to say Terry’s words. It’s quite bold and the family saw it and were moved, I think. It’s a sweet film”

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