1917 star George MacKay reveals he auditioned for Game Of Thrones

George MacKay; nominated for a BAFTA award
George Mackay

The star of 1917 George MacKay has revealed that he auditioned for Game Of Thrones – but failed to win the part.

The actor, 27, appears alongside Dean-Charles Chapman in Sir Sam Mendes’ First World War epic, which has earned nine Bafta nominations.

He told GQ Hype magazine that he had gone for a role in HBO’s sprawling fantasy epic, although he refused to say which character.

He said: “I have auditioned for it in the past and did not get a job. I gave it my best, but I did not get it.”

His 1917 co-star Chapman appeared in Game Of Thrones as Tommen Baratheon, the youngest son of the fearsome Cersei Lannister.

And Richard Madden, who also appears in 1917 as a soldier, played Robb Stark in the first three series.

MacKay also said filming 1917, which is shot and edited to look as if it was filmed in one take, was challenging because a single mistake would ruin the entire scene.

He said: “It’s a terrible, terrible feeling. But everyone was very supportive.”

Read the full interview at GQ Hype.

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