22% 'expect Christmas family row'


At least 22 per cent of people expect a family bust-up during the festive period, a poll has found

One in five Britons expects a family bust-up this Christmas, according to a survey.

The poll carried out by BBC Radio 5 live found that 22% of those asked expect a family argument during the festive period although the majority, at 77%, expected harmony around the Christmas tree.

It also found that 13% of respondents had stopped speaking to an immediate family member during the past 12 months.

The survey show that 97% of people said their families make them feel happy, while 60% said their jobs make them happy.

Christmas turned out to be the favourite time for only two out of five respondents to the poll.

The survey of 1,006 UK adults was carried out as part of the station’s Family Week, which aims to take a snapshot of family life in current times.

A Radio 5 live spokesman said: “People are overwhelmingly positive about their families and expect a happy Christmas with them.

“The poll finds that reports of the demise of family life are largely unfounded.”

The family unit was not deemed to be sacrosanct to the survey respondents.

The spokesman said: “Eighty-four per cent of people agree that they would report a close member of their family who had committed a serious crime to the police, against 9% who disagree.”

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