£37m to help poor pay energy bills


British Gas has announced a 37 million pounds investment to help 'vulnerable' customers

British Gas has announced a £37 million investment to help “vulnerable” customers, including a £50 payment for around 340,000 people to help with their winter bills.

The firm said it was investing £20 million of the money in the British Gas Energy Trust, which helps people struggling with household debts.

Ian Peters, chief operating officer at British Gas, said: “We know that money is very tight for many people in Britain right now, particularly our elderly, poor and disabled customers.”

Customers on the British Gas essentials social tariff will receive £50 as a credit on their winter bill, it was announced.

Audrey Gallacher, head of energy at Consumer Focus, said: “British Gas customers on the lowest incomes will benefit from this move to put money back in their pockets and we welcome this substantial investment.

“However, the wider issue is making sure all customers are paying a fair price for their energy and unfortunately consumers simply don’t believe that is the case.”

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