50 Cent files for bankruptcy – but spends £3,200 per month on gardening


Cent has filed for bankruptcy – and revealed that he spends a massive $108,000 (£69,250) per month, including $5,000 US Dollars (£3,200) on gardening.

The 40-year old, born Curtis Jackson III, has a healthy monthly income of $185,000 (£111,900), mainly from royalties and interest on his investments.

But the big drain on the rapper’s bank account is his suburban mansion in Connecticut, which costs $72,000 (£46,000) to maintain every month.

The rapper has been trying to sell the 50,000 square foot mansion since 2007 but has been unable to find a buyer.

He filed for bankruptcy after a court in New York ordered him to pay $7 million (£4.5 million) to a woman who said he’d posted a sex tape of hers online without her permission.

Lastonia Leviston’s invasion-of-privacy lawsuit argues that 50 Cent shared a crudely narrated 13-minute sex-tape she made with a boyfriend in 2008. Lastonia has a child with 50 Cent’s rival, Rick Ross.

In court, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper, who is ranked by Forbes as one of hip-hop’s five richest artists, downplayed his wealth – saying he rents, borrows or leases expensive items such as jewellery and cars.

50 Cent’s bankruptcy filing revealed that he also owes money to his stylist, his barber and his fitness coach.

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