Ach Nein! Germany calls for its own EU Referendum

Angela Merkel is facing calls from far-right party leaders to end this "EU slavery", after witnessing Britain Jump ship. — Afolabi Thomas

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Far right leaders for the Alternative for Germany party announced they would host their own vote for an EU referendum, if they obtain power in the general election next year.

They have named the vote as ‘Dexit’ not to be confused with Denmark, but this will stand for Deutschland exit from the EU.

Alternative for Germany spokesman said, “Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be on our top agenda”.

Euroscepticism has risen across Europe after the public witnessed Britain make history, being one of the largest contributors of the EU, leaving the EU with a 52% to 48% win.

AfD chairman Bjorn Hocke said: “I know the German people want to be free of EU slavery”.

George Paderski added, “Germans must decide on staying in the EU.

“The AfD is the only part which speaks out clearly in favour of them deciding”.

The party leader Frauke Petry, notorius earlier this year when she called the police to open fire on illegal immigrants, was delighted to hear the news about Brexit.

[pull_quote_left]”This is a chance for a new Europe, one which maintains partnerships and respected national sovereingties”. – Petry[/pull_quote_left]

“The Great Britain decision to leave the EU is a signal to the Brussels Politburo and its bureaucratic attachments. If the EU does not finally leave its wrong path, and the quasi-socialist experiment of deeper political integration, more European Nations will reclaim their sovereignty the way British are…”

“The result would be more exits. At the very least the Brussels bureaucracy must be radically reduced and the central regulation craze ended.”

“The time is ripe for a new Europe, a Europe of fatherlands, where we peacefully trade with each other, maintain partnerships and respect the will of the national sovereignties.

“One can only warn the German government not to fill the missing British net contribution with German tax money and thus continue the political fallacy.”


The German Chancellor has been well aware of the potential rise of populist parties post ‘brexit’, but after only being a week after the results the road ahead can only get bumpier.

France also has its own far right party to deal with, as Francois Hollande is having to fend off the rise of Marine LePen calling for the country to hold its own EU referendum.

The same has followed in the far right parties of the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders leads the Danish People’s Party.


  1. This was eventually going to happen. Germany is already destroyed and people are terrorised.

  2. She must know that this will happen sometime, there are too many refugees in Germany and in 10 years there will be no German culture left. What a shame

  3. My husband is German and they are all fed up and worried about their country changing rapidly. It’s a major crisis and no one is allowed to talk about it.

  4. These EU craze s coming to a big shamble and many more countries are leaving whether they like it or not.

  5. There is no other way and it will be landslide win referendum. Many people are totally fed up.

  6. We love Europe but we need to get out of the mad EU house as fast as possible. The crisis has brought so many people terrified especially the sex attacks

  7. There are so many cases not reported and we are really scared of the rise in crime even in small villages.

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