Airports warn of more snow chaos


A British Airways plane is seen on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport, after all flights at the airport were grounded because of snow

Britons face a third day stranded in airports amid warnings of further flight cancellations and yet more heavy snow.

Hundreds of passengers have been camping out at terminals around the country after planes were grounded by some of the most severe winter weather in a century.

The country was braced for more disruption and another blast of blizzards in the run-up to Christmas.

Weather forecasters expect parts of Britain to see snowfalls of up to 20cm on Monday morning and continued sub-zero temperatures.

Meanwhile, motoring organisations warned of “potentially fatal” conditions on the roads as commuters struggle back to work.

Shadow chancellor Alan Johnson hit out at the Government’s handling of the transport “crisis”, claiming people felt they had been told to “get a shovel or stay at home”.

His criticism was echoed by irate holiday-makers who found themselves sleeping on airport floors in conditions likened to those of a “third world country”.

Met Office forecaster Helen Chivers said snow was expected to strike the south west on Monday morning, before moving up towards London and the Midlands. It is likely to settle in many places as temperatures remain low.

Overnight, the mercury was expected to plunge to around minus 20C in parts of the Midlands, north west England and Scotland, possibly dropping even further on Tuesday night with the winter solstice – the point at which the Earth is furthest from the sun.

“It is still going to stay extremely cold everywhere,” Ms Chivers said.

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