Amber: Depp is a dream to work with


Amber Heard loved filming in Puerto Rico with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has said working with Johnny Depp was “a dream”.

The 24-year-old blonde beauty stars opposite the Hollywood hunk in The Rum Diary, based on Hunter S Thompson’s book of the same name.

Amber was sent out to film on location Puerto Rico, and said: “It was such an amazing experience – Johnny’s a dream to work with, and the director and the writer and the original book, they’re all so wonderful and being in the presence of such artists is rare even in this business and it was an honour.”

She added: “It will be out in September I believe and it’s got a phenomenal cast.”

Amber is currently starring in Drive Angry 3D with Nicolas Cage which sees her fighting and racing fast cars, but she insists she didn’t have to train very hard for the action scenes.

Amber said: “I had an amazing stunt coordinator, his name is John Martin and he did Gone In Sixty Seconds and he wanted to train me.

“So we did a little bit of fight training and he learned pretty quickly that I didn’t need fight training.

“So we did the same thing with driving, he took me out to an abandoned parking lot and showed me all the things that you’re not supposed to learn to do and I picked that up pretty well too!”

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