Angelina wants to reunite with Brad


Angelina Jolie would like to work with Brad Pitt again

Angelina Jolie would relish the opportunity to star with real-life partner Brad Pitt again.

The couple, who have six children together, started dating after meeting on the set of Mr And Mrs Smith in 2005 but haven’t reunited together on screen since then.

“I would love to work with Brad again – I think that sometimes audiences like to see real couples on screen and sometimes it throws them, so we’d have to find something that we’d love to do, but something that would also be welcome for audiences,” she told the Independent.

But they have their kids – the youngest are two-and-a-half-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – and babysitting duties to consider.

“More importantly, we’d have to figure out who’d watch the kids. They’d probably have to be on set; somehow we’ve never done that – we’ve always had a parent at home,” Angelina said.

The Hollywood actress was accompanied by her family when she filmed The Tourist in Venice.

“As a family, we always stay together, so Brad was with me and the kids in Venice and they went to school and had an Italian teacher,” she revealed.

“We’d sneak out and go through the cobblestone streets, get in the boat and go to the park and play soccer or go to museums. And then to great restaurants in the middle of the night,” recalled Angelina.

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