APEC Summit Beijin To G20 Brisbane – World Leaders Body Language Highlights.



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It all began at the APEC Summit in Beijin with the happy family photo with all the APEC leaders in the their Chinese style outfits.


It was an “ice-cold” and “awkward” handshake, but it was a meeting nonetheless between China’s President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
After the less than toasty greeting, the two held formal talks on Monday for the first time in two years. Last week, both countries issued statements recognizing they had sources of friction but a desire to keep them from escalating. The acknowledgement paved the way for Xi and Abe’s meeting on Monday, which could lead to a further thawing of relations.


It was clear from the handshake that President Xi Jingping was pleased to see President Obama. His body language was warm and welcoming.


Of course, Leaders step out in their Chinese style Mau suits. Following the Apec tradition of donning locally designed clothing reflecting local culture, Apec state leaders and their companions wore Chinese suits and dresses in Beijing.

The men showed up in outfits with jacquard brocade, decorative patterns that reflect the waves of the sea, stand-up collars and raglan sleeves. The women leaders and wives of state leaders wore Chinese-style clothing with a feminine flair.

New Deals Were Made

Visa agreement

President Obama announced on Monday that China and the United States would start granting business and travel visas for up to 10 years to each other’s citizens. Student visas will be extended up to five years.
“We want China to do well,” said President Obama. “We compete for business, but we also seek to cooperate on a broad range of challenges and shared opportunities.”
Previously, visas were granted on a yearly basis.


Russia Gas Deal

President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping signed a memorandum of understanding on the western gas supplies’ route to China. The new pipeline called Altai is in addition to the eastern route, ‘Power of Siberia’, which will annually add 38 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas to the 30 bcm agreed under a $400 billion deal in May 2014.


APEC Summit ends with media frenzy when Putin puts shawl on China’s first lady

What seemed to be an innocent moment during the APEC summit in Beijing has grown into a topic of debate, after China’s censors moved to erase Russian President Vladimir Putin’s act of placing a shawl over the shoulders of Peng Liyuan, the wife of China’s President Xi Jinping.
The gesture at a fireworks show Monday night was soon undone, as an aide gave the Chinese first lady a coat after she shrugged off the shawl (which some have described as a coat or blanket). But China’s censors then acted to wipe the moment from the media landscape, as well.

President Obama was also seated alongside the Chinese leader and his wife — but he was on Xi’s right-hand side, and Putin was seated next to Peng. That created a scene in which the American and Chinese leaders were locked in conversation — and that’s when Foreign Policy says Putin “made his move.”
The magazine unrestrainedly describes the incident as “Putin Hits on China’s First Lady,” calling the Russian leader a “Don Juan-in-chief.”

G20 Summit Brisbane


This summit had a rather relaxed feel to it compared to the tense G20 summit in 2013 due to the Russia vs West tensions. Prime Minister Tony Abott, the perfect host accompanied by President Putin shared cuddles with cute Koalas before the start of the G20 meeting. President Putin was placed on the spotlight with Ukraine being a major topic between the western leaders.

President Putin and Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abott share Koala Love
President Putin and Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abott share Koala Love

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a break from world politics and visited a pub on her first G20 night in Brisbane, snapping selfies with tourists and shaking hands with locals.


Obama Vs Putin

The relationship between President Obama and President Putin was on spotlight and the world was watching every move between them. The local restaurant had special burgers on the menu showcasing their relationship.

Big Bad Vlad Burger


Big Obama Burger



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