Protests go to the EXTREME as arrests were made and violence increases

Anti-Trump protests in New York.

It has only been two days after the election of Donald Trump for President of the United States, and already thousands took to the streets to protest in revolt.

Donald Trump was was a well known advocate for the “forgotten” part of the American public, and blue-collar working class, something Bernie Sanders also tried to target during his campaign for the Democratic party.

Within minutes social media began an uprising of anti-Trump posts with many using hashtags like ‘NotMyPresident’.

But it seems that after many of Clinton supporters saying they are exercising their democratic rights to protest, some may have taken it way too far.

A video emerged of a man being attacked by many Clinton supporters who found out he voted for Donald Trump. Please be advised this video has scenes that viewers may find uncomfortable.

Others on social media had some claims that the protests were backed and funded by the losing campaign, and created to cause unnecessary unrest in various parts of the US.


Donald Trump is set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2017 and it seems that from now and until then the protests will not stop. The violence that is rising might not end.

The main task that is clear to many is that this is a divided nation that must now unite and rise together rather than fall in pieces.

Protesters Arrested in New York

Following Donald Trump’s shock victory in the US election, protests have been staged all over America as people struggle to come to terms with the result.

Thousands of protesters chanting “not my president” blocked New York’s Fifth Avenue as they descended on Trump Tower on Wednesday evening.

Cries of “New York hates Trump” and “We reject the president elect” were also heard as demonstrators gathered outside the building, with many waving placards with anti-Trump slogans.

It followed a day of protests across America and in Britain against Trump’s election win, as he prepares to be appointed the 45th president of the United States.

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