Art thief tunnelled into apartment


The Andy Warhol 'Superman' print was among those taken from the New York apartment (AP)

A thief tunnelled through a wall into a New York City apartment while the owner was away and made off with artworks by Andy Warhol and others worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Police said the thief broke through a hallway wall into the Manhattan apartment during Thanksgiving last month and stole limited-edition artworks, watches and other jewellery worth a total of about £487,000. A video recorder connected to surveillance cameras was also taken.

The stolen items include the Roy Lichtenstein prints Thinking Nude and Moonscape, the Carl Fudge oil painting Live Cat, the Warhol prints The Truck and Superman and a set of eight signed Warhol prints in various colours called Camouflage.

Police say the burglary took place between November 24 and 28. No arrests have been made.

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