Adam Garcia’s Christmas barbecue


Adam Garcia will have a barbie for Christmas

Adam Garcia will be tucking into barbecued turkey on Christmas Day.

The Australian actor, dancer and Got To Dance judge is going home to Melbourne to spend the holidays with his family, where he revealed they like to throw the traditional roast dinner on the barbie.

Adam said: “We do have shrimps, but we also have very traditional English whole turkey, barbecue cooked and we have cold salads.”

The Coyote Ugly star bragged about his hot Christmas Down Under, soaking up the sun.

He said: “It’ll probably be sunny, but you never know with Melbourne. But English people say ‘I couldn’t have a warm Christmas, I have to have it cold’. Our family tradition is generally falling asleep and ignoring each other after falling into food comas!

“My best present was probably my first surfboard. I got it one Christmas when we used to live on a beach. I was 11 and I was like ‘Sweet!’ and I spent the rest of the summer surfing. Or learning how to surf!”

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