Ayurveda for Balancing Hormones

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Hormones have tremendous effects on our mental, physical and emotional health. The chemical messengers can be a huge factor for controlling your appetite, weight, and mood. A hormonal imbalance can result in mental issues like depression, anxiety or brain fog and memory loss.

Hormonal imbalances is pretty much like a pandemic in today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle. Not to forget, certain hormones play up or decrease with age.

The best way to tackle hormonal imbalance would be via ashwagandha herbs. Get enough and timely restorative sleep. Avoiding artificial lights or screen at night may help regulate hormones naturally and restore a natural circadian rhythm.

Using herbal, food, and lifestyle changes to deal with hormone imbalance will not work immediately but would naturally take time.

As they say, hormones will come into balance when our lives come into balance. Sleeping, eating, breathing and moving mindfully is imperative!

Dr Rekha Shukla, MD Ayurveda from Birla Ayurveda give us plenty of useful insight on Ayurveda for hormone balance below:

Dr Rekha says, “Hormones are the regulatory molecules of the body. The physiology of body is conducted by hormones.

The tri doshas- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha plays the major role in body as to regulate the mechanism of hormone.
Vata is related with movement in the body. If Vata Increases it leads to depletion of hormones which calms the mind like Dopamine and serotonin.

Pitta and Kapha plays the role in balancing the hormones of thyroid gland, liver, and uterus.

The life style adopted nowadays has the major impact on hormones, and hence increasing the number of thyroid patients, PCOD patients complains about stress.

To balance the hormones, one must do the seasonal panchakarma for making tri-doshas in equilibrium

Pratimarsha Nasya or Marsha Nasyam should be performed daily. Good diet practice, yoga practice, and healthy life style can keep the hormones in the perfect state.

Pituitary gland and hypothalamus are the major gland which regulates other hormone hypothalamus and pituitary gland that are located in the middle of the brain.

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Above nose, there is a bone called cribriform plate. The cribriform plate contains the pores which opens in the brain. Hence medicine administered through nose directly into the brain. Therefore, balancing the hormones is possible through nasyam.

Some anatomical changes also lead in hormonal imbalance. The perfect example is thyroid and liver.

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are the chronic illness so commonly suffered by people.

With some yoga practise like Simhasana, Bhramari, and Panchakarma like Lepam Udvartanam helps in reducing the size of the gland and balancing T3 T4 and TSH hormones.

Liver and pancreas are the major gland connected with the digestive system. Insulin and glucagon are the hormones playing with blood sugar level. Decreased number of insulins leads to Diabetes.

In this case cleansing the digestive tract with Virechana and Vaman works tremendously beautiful.

Liver and pancreas are the main side where pitta resides, so any hormones with the combination is secreted by liver and pancreas has direct relation with pitta. Virechana is the main panchakarma therapy for mitigating vitiated pitta.

In case of stress the Vata Dosha is increased with declines the dopamine and serotonin.

Panchakarma like Basti and Shirodhara are useful in this case

Aroma therapy, good music, heathy gentle environment also helps in keeping this hormone in equilibrium

Whereas pollution, stress, sedentary life style, disbelieve, emotional hurdles increase the possibility of disease of hormones.

Food which is fermented, increases kapha and Pitta dosha and tamas guna leading to bad hormonal conditions.

Junk food and coloured food increases the rajas guna and pitta disturbance. Leading to faulty digestion and diseases like IBS which is also connected with endocrine system only.

So, avoid stress create healthy, calm environment around you. Eat good green lite and natural vegetables.

Along with that exercise daily. And good routine will definitely keep you and your hormones healthier.

If at all you are suffering from any hormonal disease. Turn to Ayurveda.”

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