Banksy's 'hilarious' Simpsons slot


Banksy created his own opening credits for The Simpsons

The Simpsons producer Al Jean has revealed UK artist Banksy’s original idea for the show’s opening credits could have landed the team behind bars.

The graffiti impresario’s controversial guest slot, which featured sweatshop workers making Simpsons merchandise and a unicorn poking holes in DVDs, was in fact a watered-down version of his initial plan.

Al said: “He sent this thing over that was hilarious but probably would have got us thrown in jail if we’d done it exactly the way he’d done it. I showed it to [creator] Matt Groening and he said ‘Well, we should do it as close as we can’ so we changed it a little bit but the spirit of it was definitely there.”

The producer said he was amazed by the furore the credits caused.

“I was a little worried that I might get fired!” he laughed. “But after a week they called and said ‘This is great’ so it’s all cool.”

Meanwhile Nancy Cartwright, who voices Bart, admitted she was surprised when she saw the new opening.

“It actually blew over pretty fast, it got the attention that the network wanted it to get, it put it out there and I think the ratings sky rocketed so I think it served its purpose,” she added.

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