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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman unite to save the world in new Dawn of Justice trailer

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Zack Snyder’s superhero trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman can be seen together for the first time in the explosion-heavy new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

“Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent. Ha, I love it!” claps Jesse Eisenberg as baddie Lex Luthor, interrupting Batman and Superman’s trash talk that sets the tone for a movie where the DC Comics heroes are pitted against each other.

The trailer begins with Ben Affleck’s character Bruce arriving to the dazzling flashing lights of a red carpet, but Daily Planet hack Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) seems oblivious to the playboy billionaire’s identity.

Once introduced, reporter Clark is ready to turn the screws on Gotham’s masked vigilante.

“Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city, people are living in fear, he thinks he’s above the law,” he tells Bruce of Batman.

(Warner Bros/YouTube)
(Warner Bros/YouTube)

“The Daily Planet criticising those who think they’re above the law is a little hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree you write a puff piece editorial about an alien who could burn the place down,” Bruce shoots back.

“Most of the world doesn’t share your opinion, Mr Wayne,” says a bespectacled Clark.

“Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me. I have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns,” Bruce replies knowingly.

He refers, of course, to The Joker, last seen played by Heath Ledger in 2008′s The Dark Knight, when Batman had a different face too – Christian Bale’s.

But it isn’t long before the two realise the greatest threat posed to mankind is the “psychotic” Lex Luthor.

And it’s looking like a losing battle against Lex’s mutated monsters until the arrival of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in a cinematic shot of our three superheroes that’ll have fans giddy at the knees.

Fans can also spot Jeremy Irons as butler Alfred, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Holly Hunter as Senator Finch.

Henry Cavill will reprise his Superman role again for Zack Snyder, who directed him in 2013′s Man Of Steel.

But fans and critics will have all eyes on Ben Affleck as a new incarnation of Batman when the film arrives in March 2016.

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