Bishops tell MPs that Sharia is ‘incompatible with British Law’

Source: YouTube

Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali wrote to the Commons Home Affairs Committee stating that the islamic law (Sharia Law) will fail at dealing with its foundational issues.

“If Sharia is recognised in any way in terms of the public law, it will introduce a principle of contradiction in the body of the law, which will cause enormous problems.”

The specific principles that are stated in the Sharia law, clash with the current British system, especially when it comes to gender specific rules for women. The “traditional” law which promotes gender equality within Britain cannot coexist with Sharia law.

“The problem with Sharia is that it is inherently unequal for certain kinds of people. Muslims and non-Muslims are treated unequally. Similarly, men and women are treated unequally,” he added.

“Western law, by contrast, embraces the fundamental principle of equality of all people before the law.

“We appear to be accepting modern Islamist interpretations as the official Islamic position. In this way, we may end up with a more powerful form of Sharia law here in this country than exists in many Islamic countries.”

It should be noted that Prime Minister Theresa May, a woman, defended these Sharia laws before entering No. 10 in July.

The committee is looking into the possibility of Sharia councils being put into work in Britain. It hopes to determine the way in which they could “operate in practice, their work resolving family and divorce disputes and their relationship with the British legal system.”

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