Bomb footage man 'to scrap cameras'


Emergency services attend the scene after a car exploded in Stockholm on December 1 (AP)

A shopkeeper whose security cameras gave police vital video footage of the Stockholm suicide bomber has been told to remove them because he does not have the correct permit.

Naresh Lakhwani owns a watch store in the shopping district where the bomber blew himself up and injured two people on December 11.

Mr Lakhwani said that security cameras he had installed outside the store caught the bomber on tape before the explosion and he did not hesitate to hand it over to police.

“I have pretty much the whole sequence of events on there, with the bomber running up and down the street,” he said.

He said investigators were grateful for the tape, but that did not stop the County Administrative Board, which handles permits for security cameras, from taking action.

A legal expert at the board, Cecilia Forssell, said it had ordered Mr Lakhwani to remove the equipment after receiving several complaints.

She said no one was questioning his decision to hand over the material to police, but the location of the four cameras on a busy pedestrian street was “sensitive in terms of integrity”.

Mr Lakhwani said he installed the cameras after his shop was burgled and that he was not sure he would volunteer to hand over tapes to authorities in the future.

“I think they could have handled this a bit differently, turn a blind eye a little bit,” he said.

Police suspect the bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab, who had been based in Luton, set off the explosives accidentally. They believe he had planned to detonate them in a place where they would inflict more damage.

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