Boney M's Bobby Farrell is dead


Bobby Farrell of Boney M has been found dead in Russia

Bobby Farrell’s agent has said the lead singer of 70s chart-toppers Boney M has died while on tour in Russia at the age of 61.

John Seine said Bobby was found dead in his hotel room in St Petersburg by hotel staff after he failed to respond to a wake-up call.

He said Farrell performed as scheduled on Wednesday night, but complained of breathing problems before and after his show.

He was leading a group called Bobby Farrell and Boney M, with three women backing singers.

The original Boney M, based in Germany, disbanded in 1986 after scoring Europe-wide hits with Daddy Cool, Rasputin and By The Rivers Of Babylon.

Bobby was born Alfonso Farrell in Aruba and lived in Amsterdam.

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