Bonham Carter relieved of speech


Helena Bonham Carter was relieved not to win at the Golden Globes

Helena Bonham Carter insisted she was relieved not to win the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, as it meant she didn’t have to make a speech.

The British star, who plays the Queen Mother alongside award winner Colin Firth in The King’s Speech revealed at the Weinstein after-party for the awards she was glad to lose out to The Fighter’s Melissa Leo.

Helena said: “I’m really glad Colin won, it was fine. I was so glad I didn’t have to get up and give a speech.”

And the actress – who worked with The Social Network’s David Fincher on Fight Club – admitted she was not too upset that The King’s Speech missed out to The Social Network for Best Picture.

She said: “At the time you’re just glad you don’t have to get up. I’m slightly split because I really like David Fincher because I’ve worked with him, but whatever, all I care about is if I’m going to get another job, that’s all it’s about.”

The film’s director Tom Hooper was equally gracious in defeat.

“I’m thrilled for Colin, I was just pleased to be in the room with seven nominations in the first place,” he said.

Tom said Colin’s reference to a possible mid-life crisis was a joke and he was able to cope with being in the spotlight.

He said: “Look, he’s done the whole thing before and it was only a year ago.

“I think he has his way through and he has his lovely wife Livia, his great supporter, and he’s got all of us.”

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