Boris Johnson confirmed as PM after audience with the Queen



  • Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have secured the biggest Tory majority since the 1980s, winning 364 seats, wth one seat left to declare (326 needed for a majority);
  • Mr Johnson said Brexit will “get done” by January 31 “no ifs, no buts”.;
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn retained his own seat, but said he would stand down at the party’s helm after Labour’s humiliating losses (42 seats lost);
  • Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the SNP and quit as party leader;
  • DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds – whose party propped up Theresa May’s administration – lost his Belfast North seat to Sinn Féin’s John Finucane. The DUP lost two of its 10 MPs. Sinn Féin won seven seats, and the SDLP two;
  • There are now more nationalist and republican MPs from Northern Ireland (nine) than unionists (eight), reversing the 11/seven split from the 2017 election.
  • The SNP made a series of gains in Scotland, with leader Nicola Sturgeon declaring that she now has a “renewed, refreshed and strengthened” mandate for a second vote on Scottish independence.

Boris Johnson has completed the final formality of his resounding General Election victory – an audience with the Queen to be confirmed as Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson was greeted by the Queen’s Equerry-in-Waiting Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richards and her private secretary Edward Young when his ministerial car arrived at Buckingham Palace just before 11am.

As the sitting Prime Minister, the meeting was just a formality but an important process – when the head of state would have followed convention and asked the politician whether he would form a Government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is greeted by staff as he arrives back at 10 Downing Street after meeting the Queen

Following the Conservative Party’s election triumph, Mr Johnson now has a large majority in the House of Commons and was the most likely person for the Queen to appoint as her PM.

The main requirement for the monarch is to find someone who can command the confidence of the Commons and with more than 360 MPs the Tories are now the party of Government.

The Queen has seen 13 premiers come and go during her reign, with Mr Johnson her 14th Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson spent almost 40 minutes at the palace and would have met the Queen in the audience room, part of a small suite of rooms that form her private apartments.

After their meeting he was escorted by the Queen’s Equerry-in-Waiting to his car and left the London landmark for Downing Street.

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