Boris Johnson reveals details of private conversations with Queen

Boris Johnson reveals the secrets of the meeting with the queen

Boris Johnson has broken with convention and talked about his private audiences with the Queen, saying “she always asks the best questions.”

The British Prime Minister’s revelation is made in an election campaign video filmed on his way to meet the head of state on the day Parliament was dissolved signalling the start of the General Election.

In the footage posted under his Boris Johnson Twitter account, the Tory leader is filmed speaking from the back seat of his car as he heads to Buckingham Palace.

Mr Johnson says: “I’m just off to see Her Majesty the Queen, which is always a very tough interview because she always asks the best questions and the question today is: why are we having this election?”

What passes between the Queen and her prime minister during their private meetings is supposed to remain private, but when the inevitable leak does happen it is usually well after the event.

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