Boyfriend Gordon wants to see Bobbi Kristina ‘one last time’

Bobby Kristina

Nick Gordon wants to see Bobbi Kristina Brown “one last time”.

The 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston – who was found face down and unresponsive in a bath tub on January 31 – has been moved to hospice care and her boyfriend is reportedly desperate to see her.

A source said: “He is heartbroken and grieving. He truly wanted to see her. Nick was holding out hope that he would see her one final time. He is very emotional.”

Since Bobbi Kristina has been moved, her family have been keeping a vigil by her bedside with father Bobby Brown and aunt Pat Houston seen arriving at the hospice.

Another insider added to PEOPLE magazine: “Everyone gets that it may be the last time [they get to see her]. But we’re still hoping for a miracle.”

It may be hard for Nick to visit Bobbi Kristina after he was accused of knocking out her teeth in an alleged violent assault hours before she was found unresponsive in January.

In a statement about the $10m lawsuit, conservator Bedelia Hargrove said: “Today I filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Brown. I filed this lawsuit to pursue justice on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Brown. No human being, male or female, should endure what Bobbi Kristina endured.

“Pat Houston and Bobby Brown have done all they can to take care of Bobbi Kristina since this terrible tragedy occurred. I have worked closely with both of them and we all want the very best for Bobbi Kristina.

“This lawsuit represents our collective efforts to get justice for Bobbi Kristina. We pray that justice will be done for her and that it will be swift.”

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