Bruno Mars: Work can get lonely


Bruno Mars has said he's proud of his music

Bruno Mars has said locking himself up in the studio can get lonely.

The Just The Way You Are singer, who picked up a Grammy award last week, told the Daily Mirror: “It can get a little lonely and a little dark sometimes, but the pay-off is when you get the album out and songs are playing all round the world.”

But Bruno declared he was proud of his achievements, saying: “I’ve worked really hard. I hope people realise all the success I’ve had didn’t just happen in a day. It’s years of locking yourself away in the studio.”

And the singer, who is touring the UK next month, told fans to expect a stripped-down show.

“I’m holding a guitar and singing the tunes.

“People might think I’m up there with a tux and an orchestra, but it’s the exact opposite.”

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