Cage reveals 'risky' action scenes


Nicolas Cage stars in the film Drive Angry 3D

Nicolas Cage relished the chance to get behind the wheel in his new film Drive Angry 3D.

The actor, 47, puts his action skills to the test in the movie, playing a hardened felon who’s in a deadly race against time to find the vicious cult who murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby.

Speaking at the film’s Hollywood premiere, he admitted: “I’m pretty comfortable with a car, I really enjoy driving so for me it was actually more fun than terrifying.”

He added: “I don’t take unnecessary risks in my own life so any chance I get to drive fast in a movie I’m into it”.

The star said of filming the action scenes: “Some of these cars got a little risky. We drove them quite a bit and they would lose their brakes.

“You’d be driving really fast and there’d be no brakes, which added a whole new level of adrenalin to the experience.”

Nicolas was excited about working with My Bloody Valentine director Patrick Lussier in the high-octane 3D film.

“At first I thought there were going to be tremendous differences and I was like a child in a toy store. I was really excited about what I could do with the format. ‘Can I put my tongue in the audience? Can I put my arms into the 4th and 5th row of the audience’?” he laughed.

“I was trying to move in a way to do those things, then by the second week I kind of grew out of that, I relaxed and realised it was going to be like any of the other movies I’d made because I was working with a real maestro of 3D” .

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