I cannot see the point in retiring, says Dame Joan Collins, 83


Dame Joan Collins has said she does not “see the point” of retiring.

The 83-year-old actress and author said if the time does come when she is “retired” from film or theatre projects, she will write or design. She told Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: ”Well, I don’t see the point, I would get really bored, you know.

“If they do retire me from films or theatre, or my one-woman show, then I will write or design. I will do something. “I’m not a person who can sit around doing nothing and I’m sure that neither of you are.
“Also they say if you retire you don’t live that much longer.”

Her latest film project, titled The Time Of Their Lives, sees her playing a former Hollywood starlet who embarks on a road trip with her best friend as they travel to a funeral in France.

The production also saw her working alongside her husband of 15 years, Percy Gibson, who was an executive producer on the film.

Asked about Tuesday’s controversial Daily Mail front page, which featured a photograph of Prime Minister Theresa May and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with the headline reading Who Won Legs-it!, Dame Joan said she did not find it offensive.

She said: ”Was I offended? Well, no. I actually giggled and then I showed it to Percy and I said ‘What do you think of these legs?’ and he said, ‘Yours are better’.”

The former Dynasty star said she thought Brexit was “going to be very good for us”.

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