Captain Jack salutes Justin Bieber


Johnny Depp met Justin Bieber at a gig in Miami

Johnny Depp took his kids backstage to meet Justin Bieber at a recent concert.

The Hollywood star was dressed as his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow when he took daughter Lily-Rose, 11, and son Jack, eight, to meet the 16-year-old pop sensation before his gig at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Saturday night, The New York Post reports.

A source said: “Johnny was in his Sparrow gear and called Justin a ‘good chap,’ like he was still in character.

“Johnny brought his two kids and they hung out for a while before the show.”

But whether Lily-Rose and Jack are the Bieber fans, or if Johnny himself is the fan remains to be seen.

Before Justin played his last song of the night he asked the crowd “What do you think Johnny Depp would want me to play?”

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