CCTV shows Joanna in off-licence


The CCTV footage shows Joanna Yeates entering Bargain Booze on the night she disappeared

A relaxed-looking Joanna Yeates is seen strolling into an off-licence in newly released CCTV footage taken from the night she went missing.

The short clip follows the 25-year-old as she enters Bargain Booze in Bristol’s Regent Street before buying cider.

Police released the video in a bid to jog the memories of those who may have seen the murdered woman in the hours leading up to her disappearance.

Taken from inside the shop, the footage captures Miss Yeates as she walks into the off-licence on the evening of December 17. Dressed in a white coat with blue jeans, she appears carefree as she approaches the counter.

Bargain Booze is just a few metres from the Tesco Express where Miss Yeates bought a pizza on the night of her disappearance.

Earlier that night she had left the Ram pub on Park Street in Bristol city centre where she had been having a drink with work colleagues.

Robin Paine, who was working in the off-licence the night Miss Yeates was last seen alive, said detectives told her she had bought a small bottle of cider from the shop.

“I don’t remember serving her and it was the Friday night before Christmas, between 8pm and 9pm and it is very, very busy,” Ms Paine said.

“It was the night before all the students went home for Christmas and it was non-stop all night serving people. I spoke to the detectives and I said I didn’t remember serving her. They came and took away the CCTV because they said she had been in here. The police think she bought a small bottle of cider – I just don’t remember.”

Ms Paine added: “It’s awful really, and unimaginable that someone can just disappear like that. It’s really upsetting and I feel very, very sorry for the family.”

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