Experiencing the Varidesk: Change The Office One Desk At A Time


By Deborah Thomas

The benefits of standing at work are heavily reported in the media and are often covered by numerous myths and fiction. We aim to share some real results, so you can see exactly what a standing desk can do for you.

Research shows that changing the office dynamic and using a standing desk can increase productivity in the work place by up to 46%. The study was conducted over a six-month period among 2 groups of workers in a call centre, results were measured by how many successful calls were completed each hour.

While results show that the increase in productivity didn’t differentiate within the first month of the study, once workers had become comfortable with their surroundings, increase in performance blossomed, highlighting the benefits a standing. Gregory Garrett M.A, a public health doctoral student and head author of the study, explains: “Starting with the second month, we began to see larger increases in productivity with the stand-capable groups as they became habituated to their standing desks.” As results show that using a standing desk is unlikely to see improvements over night, it is important to stick with it and experience the long term benefits a standing desk can offer.

Mark Benden who conducted the study, had this to say: “We hope this work will show companies that although there might be some costs involved in providing stand-capable workstations, increased employee productivity over time will more than offset these initial expenses.” Mark Benden, Ph.D, C.P.E is an associate professor at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, director of the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center and a member of the Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems.


In an alternative study, a group of 10 office workers used a standing desk for 180 minutes after lunch and found this reduced blood sugar spikes by 43% in comparison to sitting for the same amount of time. The same study results also showed that alternating between sitting and standing every 30 minutes throughout the day reduced blood sugar spikes by 11.1%. Sitting for longer amounts of time also contributes towards a greater risk of developing heart disease. A study found that jobs such as bus conductors who stand all day had half the risk of heart disease, compared to their colleagues in the driver seats, showing the benefits of standing more at work.

Another study also found that using a standing desk effectively increases mood and energy levels, while stress levels reduce and signs of fatigue decrease throughout the day. Keeping that positive attitude alive and thriving couldn’t be easier with a standing desk. The desks help to promote a more positive working environment for all in the office, with fresh thinking and new ideas.

Research has also shown that using a standing desk can help decrease body discomfort caused by prolonged sitting, by more than 75%. It’s time to take note and listen to the facts. This is an issue in many working offices today, and some go about their day to day lives in severe pain. It stops now with the help of the ever so popular Varidesk, loved and appreciated by many. If your one of the lucky ones without the added aches and pain, then now is the time to invest to prevent potential problems in the future.


Make the right decision with Varidesk, a sit, standing alternative that provides support at any height. With a simplistic and hassle free design it couldn’t be easier. Effortlessly made to fit perfectly into any workspace no matter your requirements. Choose from the Pro Plus 30 ideal for the use of 1 monitor or the Pro Plus 36 a larger desk to accommodate 2 monitors. Both available with a two-tiered design to keep the mouse and keyboard separate, so you can decide what works best for you. Or how about the Cube Corner 36 or 48 which uses the same two tired design while maximising the space of a more cubicle corner office shape, with an added benefit of its ability to hold two monitors. And if you’re pushed for space, then try the Soho, a smaller desk model perfect for laptops or tablets with a single flat surface. The Soho is a great way to start out as a newbie into the world of standing desks.

Varidesk’s aren’t just for office workers, it has been proved to be a resounding hit with students and a great tool for undergraduates in school, college or university. Improvingattention to work as well as cognitive functioning, standing up to increase interactivity in both work and pupils.

The benefits of standing desks have caught the eye of major organisations within the United Kingdom. The University of Loughborough and the NHS have been trialling the desks since 2016 and are expected to release their findings later in this year.

Make this lifestyle change today and watch the benefits unfold right before your very eyes. You’ll just be wondering why you didn’t make the change sooner.

Choose your standing desk at Varidesk where desks start from £150.

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