Charlotte Church: Queen has no idea


Charlotte Church says she feels sorry for the Queen

Charlotte Church has claimed the Queen “has no idea what is going on”.

The Welsh diva has risked upsetting the royal family with her comments in the new edition of Esquire magazine.

Charlotte said: “I’ve met her about seven times and she never remembers me. When you get close to her you realise she’s an old woman and has no idea what’s going on.”

She went on: “I feel really sorry for her. She probably doesn’t want to be wheeled out at every Royal Variety Performance to watch scantily clad dancers and s***ty comedians.”

The 24-year-old singer also told about how she met Tony Blair and demanded an explanation for her tax charges.

She said: “I met him at the Labour Party Conference when I was 14. I said to him, ‘I’ve been paying 40 per cent tax since I was 12 and yet I can’t vote. Explain that.’

“He couldn’t, and just changed the subject. But he did invite me to his last meal at Chequers and insisted on having me sat at his right hand. Which I thought was a bit f**king odd.”

And Charlotte was equally unimpressed when she met former US president George Bush.

She claimed: “I sang at his inauguration. After, he asked me where I was from. When I said, ‘Wales,’ he replied, ‘What state is that in?’ I was thinking, ‘Surely you should at least know it’s not in your own country.’ “

:: Charlotte’s full interview in the Esquire February issue goes on sale on Thursday January 6

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