Chihuahua survives attack by owl


Chico the Chihuahua with a puncture wound on his side after being attacked by an owl (AP)

An owl attack has left a 4lb Chihuahua with a healthy fear of the dark.

The attack happened when Chico the Chihuahua was out for a walk with his owner George Kalomiris in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake last week.

He said they were walking down the street when a great horned owl swooped down and tried to fly away with the three-year-old dog.

Mr Kalomiris said he kept a firm grip on Chico’s leash as the bird dragged the dog across the sidewalk, and he managed to scare the owl away.

Chico was treated for a puncture wound caused by the owl’s talons, and his owner added that he is still traumatised and now refuses to go outside at night.

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