China business association launched


Boris Johnson hopes the Chinese Business Association will increase the number of Chinese firms looking to expand in the UK

A new Chinese business association has been launched to recognise the growing influence of China with UK firms.

The London Chamber of Commerce said the group had the backing of the Chinese Ambassador to the UK and Mayor Boris Johnson.

Research for the chamber showed that around 400 Chinese-owned companies now operate in London and the South East, with many having their headquarters in the capital.

Chief executive Colin Stanbridge said: “We hope that in the months and years to come the Chinese Business Association (CBA) will become a home for Chinese firms looking to learn more about the wealth of opportunities in the UK market and expand their operations.”

Mr Johnson said: “The increased investment we have seen from China in recent years is a strong sign that London is viewed by an ever-growing number of companies as the best city in the world in which to do business.

“I am sure that the association will make a major contribution to forging links between its members and the huge business opportunities London has to offer.

“For our part we will continue to do all we can to ensure this city retains its competitive edge by investing in both infrastructure and the skills of our workforce.”

Ou Yan, chairman of the CBA and managing director of China Telecom (Europe), said: “The CBA offers a wide range of timely, thoughtful, practical and efficient services to our members who can leverage the knowledge, expertise and connections of the CBA and the London Chamber of Commerce in achieving their desired outcomes and success.”

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