Chocolates – The Sweetest Love


February is here and it’s all about love.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the hunt has begun for the best and most delicious chocolates. It could be for the love of your life or even a special gift to yourself but looking at that delicious, luxurious and extremely sexy chocolate box is bound to cause an explosion of textures in your mouth.

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates has phenomenal powers hence being called the ‘Foods of the Gods’. The super powers of chocolates is so under estimated and because the acute dieters are always associating chocolates to weight increases and fat, the benefits of eating dark chocolates is never shouted loud.

It is a well-known fact that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and so it’s my favourite pick as a Valentine’s Day gift. Giving a beautifully packaged box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day makes a statement that displays affection and most of all class.

Presenting chocolates in a grandeur fashion exhumes passion regardless of the size of chocolates in the box. This is a perfect measure of how romantic your partner is. So to you all that know nothing of passion, I suggest a gift of a box of chocolates in my opinion is the perfect starter for the Valentine’s Day celebration.

It’s not only about romance and sex but so many other wonderful health reasons that should make chocolates you top gift for the month of February. Regular consumption of dark chocolates according to various studies have the variety of benefits which are listed below:

1. Enhances Weight Loss programme:

According to research, consuming dark chocolates reduces one’s appetite. Another fact is that dark chocolate is naturally very filling and this way, your food consumption reduces.
2. Maintains a healthy skin:

According to experts, using facial mask and body cream containing chocolate powder softens the skin and known to reduce wrinkles. Cocoa powder is used for producing cocoa butter skin cream and daily use of this moisturises and rejuvenates the skin.

3. Reduces Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels:
According medical experts, eating 100 gm of dark chocolates weekly over a long period of time lowers the Cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

4. Prevents Memory Decline:
Regular consumption of dark chocolate is known to boost the brain. Chocolate affects the brain by causing the release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Because cocoa also contains stimulant substances like caffeine and theobromine, it may improve the brain function in the short term.

5. Muscles Enhancer:
Consumption of dark chocolates can help enhance the muscles and reduce fatigue hence promoting a healthy heart. Eating dark chocolate after a good work out is always a good energy booster.

6. Dark chocolate is a powerful source of Antioxidants:
There you have it, start your hunt now for the most delicious chocolate and share your pictures with me.

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  1. You can never go wrong with a fine box of chocolates. I grab a bar when I am stressed out.

  2. Call me sad, a box of chocolates is very soothing especially when you are going true a crisis. Nothing can come between me and my chocolates.

  3. You are not sad but realistic, a delicious bar of chocolate won’t let you down in your hour need. I can testify to that

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