Chris Tucker ‘in talks’ about new Rush Hour film

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker has said he is in talks to make another Rush Hour movie with Jackie Chan.

The US actor and comedian said he was hopeful that a fourth instalment in the series would be made – 10 years after he last starred opposite Chinese star Chan in Rush Hour 3.
Tucker told the Press Association: “I loved doing the Rush Hour movies with Jackie.

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan

“We’re talking about it. Hopefully we can get another one.”

Chris stars opposite Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin in his latest film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee.

The film tells the fictional story of a US soldier whose heroics in Iraq result in him appearing in the Super Bowl halftime show.

Steve said the movie was not commenting on the Iraq War but the way soldiers are treated on their return from service.

He said: “What war it is, I don’t think is an important part of this story.

“How the soldiers come back, their traumas, the way they’re treated, the way this experience bound them together against everything that was coming at them. When they’re back home, they’re even more united.”
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is released in UK cinemas on February 10.

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