Christian Slater: I'm not dead!


Christian Slater's publicist had to deny the death claims

Christian Slater has been forced to confirm he is alive after rumours of his death circulated on the internet.

It was reported online that the 41-year-old actor had died in a snowboarding accident while holidaying with friends and family in the Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland and the rumour quickly spread on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

But Christian’s representative told The New York Daily News: “It is not true.”

The Heathers star appears in new TV series Breaking In which premieres in the US on Fox in the US in April.

The Zermatt ski resort is the same place where it was falsely claimed Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Charlie Sheen had died in December.

Over the holiday period several celebrity death rumours were started on the internet and quickly spread through social networking sites.

Representatives for Owen, Adam and Eddie denied the reports, while Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards, with whom he has two daughters Sam and Lola, tweeted to say he was still alive.

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