Ciara song lashes out at 'haters'


Ciara says she wanted to speak to her 'haters'

Ciara has admitted she used the opening track of her album to lash out at her critics, saying: “I wanted to speak to all the haters.”

The 25-year-old singer failed to sell more than 250,000 copies of her third album, prompting some bloggers to declare her career over.

But with the album Basic Instinct she’s come back fighting.

She said of the first track: “I just wanted to scream out and show how I felt. People are so easy to write you off. I live for energy like that. The harder they hate, the harder I go. I do believe I will be here for a while. I’m claiming it and no one… make me think differently.”

She went on: “Even though my last album didn’t do as well as my previous ones, I was still able to go out and make money and tour. Every day is not always the perfect day. Artists that I have loved and admired, who have had a long career, have not had every record or song or video that was always the right choice.”

She also admitted that she wasn’t so worried about selling mountains of records any more.

She said: “Selling records are becoming smaller fraction of branding and building a long-lasting career. You can sell a lot of records, but can you tour. You can sell records, but where does it go beyond that? That’s a part of building a brand for yourself.”

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