Lundgren still has He-Man outfit


Dolph Lundgren still has his He-Man outfit

Dolph Lundgren has admitted he still has his He-Man costume, but rarely puts it on.

The action man, who played the hero in 1987’s Masters Of The Universe, has kept the loin cloth and chest plate combo from the movie set but doesn’t feel the need to wear it.

“I do have my He-Man suit somewhere, the one I wore in the Masters Of The Universe movie – I don’t wear it much though because it’s a bit cold and there’s nothing much of it there,” he told Upbeat Productions.

“It’s not like I put it on and walk around the house or anything though.”

Dolph, who recently starred in The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li, got to keep some items from the action set.

“I stole a couple of things from the set of The Expendables. Sure I did, like a couple of things from wardrobe,” he admitted.

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