Clean-up begins after 350 whales wash up on a New Zealand beach


Almost 350 whales have died on a New Zealand beach and now volunteers and the authorities have started the huge process of cleaning up.

There were two separate incidents at Farewell Spit in New Zealand, leaving hundreds of whale bodies washed up on a single beach.
A long coastline and a sloping beach makes Farewell Spit something of a whale trap.
Many of the 300 whales a year that usually die on the country’s beaches get washed up there.

Simon Walls, a local ranger, said: “I can just look down that row of whales, just going into the distance, they’re all dead.”
“You can see the families, you can see the old ones, they’ve got some little ones here too”.

Environmentalists are concerned because the large amounts of decomposing whale could endanger the area’s wildlife and the local prawn harvest.
Some of the whales will be buried, and some will be carried out to sea.

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