Climate protesters target east German coal mines


Thousands of climate activists have staged a protest at open-pit coal mines in eastern Germany, pouring on to the premises to urge the government to immediately halt the use of coal to produce electricity.

Police estimate more than 2,000 people took part on Saturday at sites near Cottbus and Leipzig, and that some of the demonstrators scuffled with officers.

Climate activists targeted the coal-fired power station Lippendorf, near Leipzig

The dpa news agency reports three officers were slightly injured at the Janschwaelde mine near Cottbus. The mine operators, Leag und Mibrag, filed police reports asking for an investigation and possible charges.

Burning coal releases carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas blamed by scientists for global warming.

There was a large police presence for the protests

The German government plans to end the use of coal by 2038 and spend 40 billion euro (£34 billion) on assistance for the affected mining regions.

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