Coldplay’s Chris Martin duets with George Michael in Brits tribute


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin sang along with the late George Michael at the Brit Awards in tribute to the pop star, who died on Christmas Day.

The haunting performance saw Chris sing George’s ballad A Different Corner, before being joined by a clip of George, the two harmonising together.

In the background, clips from throughout George’s prestigious career were shown on the screen, adding to the poignancy of the tribute.

Chris’s pared-back set was preceded by a tearful speech from George’s former Wham! co-star Andrew Ridgeley and the band’s backing singers Helen DeMacque and Shirlie Holliman, otherwise known as Pepsi & Shirlie.

Andrew said: “On Christmas Day 2016, the greatest singer-songwriter of his generation, an icon of his era and my beloved friend George Michael was lost.”
He described George as a “supernova” and that his death “felt like the sky had fallen in”.

The three regaled stories from the beginnings of their time in the music industry, including when George and Shirlie sent out their early cassette tapes to record companies, only to have them all returned a few weeks later.

Helen said: “We always knew George was destined to become a star in his own right. On tour we would watch him sing, his voice was stunning, pitch perfect and his performances were spellbinding.”

She added: “George wrote from the heart and from his own experience and his many fans shared with me how his music changed their lives. His ability and desire to strike a chord and touch people, not only through his words and music, but through his actions too, was unique.

“Music has magical power and George knew that. He understood love, loss, happiness and grief… He lives on in his music and in our hearts, and I will never forget my wonderful friend.”

Shirlie said that George was “like a brother to me”.
She added, her voice cracking with emotion: “I will always be so proud of his incredible achievements, I remember him telling me with great pride that You’d Have Been Loved was one of Princess Diana’s favourite songs.

“His wonderful way with words spoke to everyone, and his beautiful voice will live on forever as a gift to us all.”

Andrew said that George’s contribution to the “great archive of contemporary music lives among the immortals”.

He continued: “His legacy will continue to shine and resonate for generations to come. George has left for us in his songs, in the transcendental beauty of his voice, in the poetic expression of his soul, the very best of himself.

“I loved him, and in turn, we, you, have been loved.”

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