Costner: I only make films my way


Kevin Costner says he's not 'exactly in vogue'

Kevin Costner says he took a break from the movie world because he insists on making films just the way he wants them.

The Oscar-winning actor, writer, producer and director – who has three young children with current wife Christine – told The Daily Telegraph he hasn’t made a film in four years because he refuses to bow to pressure from Hollywood producers to change his film or limit his budget.

Kevin said: “I won’t make a movie unless I have the ability to do it the way I want, so I hold my breath for a very long time.”

He was quoted as saying: “At this point in my life, I don’t want to make a movie I don’t want to make or one that somehow gets manipulated in a way I don’t feel comfortable with.

“I haven’t worked for a really long time because I tend to make movies that aren’t sequels, so I’m not exactly in vogue.”

The Bodyguard star won two Oscars for Dances With Wolves, directed and starred in flop The Postman, and also starred in the critically panned Waterworld.

He said: “I’m not afraid to fail, and I’m not overly impressed with success. I’ve learned that failure doesn’t kill you.”

Kevin stars in The Company Men, alongside Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones, released on March 11.

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