Costner to get role in Superman?


Kevin Costner has been tipped for a role in Superman

Kevin Costner is reportedly up for a “key role” in the forthcoming Superman reboot.

It is not known which specific part the two-time Oscar-winning actor will play in the new adaptation, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, said Deadline.

But bloggers are guessing that he could be tipped to play Superman’s birth father Jor-El, surrogate parent Pa Kent or Daily Planet editor Perry White.

Tudors star Henry Cavill has been given the Man of Steel role.

Kevin – who bagged his two Oscars for 1990’s Dances With Wolves – is most recognised for his performances in 90s blockbusters Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, The Bodyguard and JFK.

He’s been keeping a low profile at the box office recently, appearing in Swing Vote with Kelsey Grammer and the late Dennis Hopper, and Mr Brooks opposite Demi Moore.

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