Czech freediver sets record distance swimming under ice

Denmark; Guinness World Records, Record swimming under ice
David Vencl

A Czech freediver has set a world record for men swimming under ice.

David Vencl swam 80.9 metres (265ft) holding his breath on Tuesday. In this category, freedivers cannot use any fin, diving suit, cap or weights.

The previous record was 76.2 metres (250ft) by Stig Severinsen of Denmark in April 2013, according to Guinness World Records.

Vencl took one minute and 35 seconds for the record at a lake in Lahost in the northern Czech Republic.

“It was faster than I expected, I felt great,” he said.

“I knew for sure that I will swim the 80 metres but, of course, that weight of the moment was the only thing that was tiring me down a little bit.”

Organisers said the ice was at least 30cm (12in) thick, a condition for the record to be recognised.