#DeleteUber has allegedly cost Uber more than 200,000 users

Uber, Taxi

The very public boycott of Uber, spearheaded by the hashtag #DeleteUber that took over social media, has cost the ride sharing app more than 200,000 users, it’s been claimed.

According to a report in the New York Times, the boycott – which was sparked after Uber did not stop service to and from JFK airport in New York during the immigration ban protests despite cab companies doing so temporally to show solidarity with those protesting – has cut deeper into Uber’s user base than previously thought.

To some it was more fuel on an already hefty fire, lit when Uber boss Travis Kalanick joined President Donald Trump’s economic advisory council – a move that some even within the company told him raised questions about the company’s relationship or endorsement of the administration.

On Thursday Kalanick could hold his position no more and quit his job on the council.
But the damage to Uber appears to have been done, with mass deletion of the app and user accounts being reported across social media.

Not only that, but for added sting arch rivals Lyft have sky-rocketed up the app charts as users look elsewhere for their ride sharing needs.

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